What is special about Content Echo?

Content Echo haspartnered with one of the most advanced Ad Tech Firms in New York to power our Native Advertising engine to bring innovations in delivery, measurement and reporting to the MENA region all in a quest to increase clients’ ROI.

Fewer blinking banners, less in-your-face advertising and more content audience will actually enjoy.
Content ECHO operates with a primary emphasis on readers’ interests making the native ads formats effective in driving engagement and social actions.
Content ECHO branded content team works on grabbing the attention and delivering content worth reading or watching so that customers do not feel they have been pressured into a sale with push marketer rather than have built a relation with a trusted brand.
Content ECHO does not sell services and products, we sell lifestyle…
Through evolving advertisers’ marketing message to focus less on short term sales and think about the bigger picture, the ideas and values the brand wants to communicate to customers, who do not want to be sold products , but a lifestyle…

“Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed”

Reach MENA is proud to introduce Content Echo- our Native advertising solution across the GCC targeting the nationals in each country.

Content Echo provides advertisers brand created messages in the editorial space to achieve greater engagement, shares, conversions and preference. With Reach MENA’s depth of experience with targeting local Emiratis, Qataris and Saudis, our Editorial and Commercial teams understand which content works best in that publisher’s environment in order to create native for that advertiser.

Our local editorial teams based in the region will collaborate with our advertisers to produce highly engaging, trustworthy and credible content. This will be placed within the site content and amplified on the relevant environments.

The Content Echo team conducted ten pilot campaigns in throughout October 2014 and Dec 2014 in the following verticals: Autos, Telecom, Travel,Finance and Women. The results were outstanding with CTRs all above 1.6%. This is just one metric available from our delivery platform; which is the same platform used by Forbes, The Guardian, Washingtonpost and Bloomberg to host their own Native solutions.